The U.S. Forces, who are Poor and Uneducated

The U.S. Forces, who are Poor and Uneducated

It is too dangerous to generalize that all U.S. soldiers
working in Korea are poor and uneducated.
However, it is kind of correct to think that most of them are poor and uneducated.
If a person was born in the U.S., speaks English as a mother tongue in the U.S.,and graduated normally from an adequate university,
it is right for the person to find a job and work in the U.S.
However, people who do not graduate from colleges or are lack in something,
cannot find decent jobs that can easily make them a good amount of money.
Thus about 50 years ago … they came to Korea.
At that time Korea was an extremely poor country.
It was a period when people could enjoy eating
leftover chocolates and ham by American soldiers and smile.
All they have is youth, and all they can do is to speak English.
So they could have a job as a soldier or an English teacher.

However, now is 2014.
U.S. soldiers cannot by Samsung Galaxy smartphones that Koreans normally use.
A U.S. soldier receives a monthly salary of 5,800 dollars 
after working in Korea for 14 years,
and young soldiers who have worked 5 years or less are very poor.
People who could not get jobs in the U.S. still come to Korea these days.
Even now, all they have is youth, and all they can do is to speak English.

The U.S. soldiers from Koreans’ perspectives. 
They are just poor and uneducated people.
It is as if Korean society is taking care of young people 
who could not find jobs in the U.S.
It seems that Korea has an image of being a country of
wars since it is divided into north and south,
but the average cities of Korea are safer than New York.
Does it sound strange that Korea is safer than New York?
Then you are either poor or uneducated.

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