Deeply Sincere Promotion of Korea for Dok-do

Deeply Sincere Promotion of Korea for Dok-do

There is a sea between South Korea and Japan.
The name of the sea is East Sea. It means “it is the sea on the east of South Korea.”
Japan requested the international society to name it the “Sea of Japan.”
However, the name of a place doesn’t change by someone’s unilateral request.
It is based on a long history. Of course, Japan’s request was dismissed.

In the middle of East Sea, there is a small island. The name of the island is Dok-do.
Since the South Korean government has jurisdiction over the island,
it obviously is a Korean territory, and its name is also Korean.
Japan requested the international society to name the island “Takeshima.”
It was also dismissed, because it was
Japan’s unilateral request to the international society
from 20 years ago without historical evidence.

In other words, it is the same as arguing 
“Toronto belongs to America” just because it is close.
This is a comedy to just laugh about, 
but the Japanese government seems very serious.
People in Asia and other far countries can easily mistake the island
for being Japan’s territory, and accept the mistake as a fact.

Thus we, Full Korea (www.fullkorea.com) sometimes cover the Dok-do issues.
Also, there is a website that argues that Dok-do clearly belongs to Korea and
Japan’s false comedy must be stopped in the international society,
with more detailed Historical evidence for English-speaking countries and Japan.
It is Dokdo-Takeshima Google blog. (http://dokdo-or-takeshima.blogspot.kr)

It has been emphasizing that
Dokdo is a Korean territory with historical facts since 2007.
Please give a huge attention to Dokdo-Takeshima Google blog.

Dok-do, dokdo, Takeshima, Liancourt, Liancourt Rocks ?.
don`t worry. its Dok-do. only one name, only korean area.

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