Hakenkreuz, Different Status from the Rising Sun Flag

Hakenkreuz, Different Status from the Rising Sun Flag

Hakenkreuz is the logo of Nazi.
Recently, a Korean girl group “Pritz” wore the Hakenkreuz as an armband.
Since Korean music is global, the Wall Street Journal in the U.S. also reported this.

It is their fault.
It is their fault for wearing an armband that reminds of the Nazi logo,
not for wearing the Nazi logo itself.

Then what about the Rising Sun?
It is wrong. 
It is wrong that all patterns reminding of the Rising Sun Flag is officially used.
The Japanese national soccer team revealed their uniforms
that remind of the Rising Sun Flag.
Global SPA brands ZARA and Moschino sell clothes that
remind of the Rising Sun Flag.

Why do western countries use the Rising Sun pattern as a type of fashion
despite it is the symbol of Japanese imperialism that committed horried atrocities
while they do not permit the use of Hakenkreuz?

I want to inform the western countries.
If you want to inform the eastern countries that you hate Hakenkreuz,
know that we hate the Rising Sun Flag, and abstain from using it.

I also want to tell everyone who uses the patterns of Hakenkreuz and the Rising Sun Flag.
Ignorance is also violence. Just because your parents were not victimized by them
and because you didn’t know about them, do not the beautify historical sadness.

Knowing Nazi but not knowing the Rising Sun Flag.
Not interpreting them in the same way is selfish ignorance and violence.


  1. But American and British flags are not offensive? South Korean soldiers killed Vietnamese during Vietnam war. So why dont you go and ban the Korean flag, because its offensive to those victims. Stop being so hypocritical. The ignorant one is you.

  2. you stupid fucks. because the westerners know that they are not equal. oh, sorry. not just the westerners, but other asian countries as well. It is just YOU dumb idiots who cannot and will not understand the real history behind the flag.
    it is good to see you guys are being laughed at. keep up the good work, guys!!