IKEA faces Difficulties while trying to Enter the Korean Market

IKEA faces Difficulties while trying to Enter the Korean Market

IKEA is selling a map for props. Of course, it is for worldwide use.
However, the map marked the “East Sea,” named because it is located
on the right side of Korea, as “Sea of Japan” after an insistence from Japan.

Internationally, the name of the sea is “East Sea.”
Although Japan is being very zealous in distorting its historical
consciousness and promoting marketing through international press,
causing some confusion in the use of the name,
history does not change due to a country’s unilateral efforts.

Would Tokyo become a Korean territory even if Korea suddenly argues
“Tokyo belongs to Korea” oneday?
Would Toronto become a U.S. territory even if the U.S. suddenly claims
“Toronto belongs to the U.S.?”
Absolutely not.

IKEA Korea held a meeting and apologized for naming the East Sea as
Sea of Japan on its maps for the use of interior design.
However, , scheduled to be held in a subway station in Seoul,
had to be cancelled due to the opposition of the public.
The public opinion is that despite being a global firm,
it cannot step into Korea without a proper historical consciousness.
IKEA does not have to fit Koreans’ tastes to successfully enter the Korean market.
But it should refrain from behaviors against the international sentiment.