Official Travel Websites to Refer to Before Visiting Korea

Official Travel Websites to Refer to Before Visiting Korea

You are probably an American, French, Ukrainian, Chinese, or Russian.
If you look at the visitors’ statistics of Full Korea,
visitors are counted in the order of the countries mentioned above.

There have been many distortions and errors to the images of “Korea.”
Foreign press has been reporting more provocative stories of North Korea,
by choosing images such as “nuclear weapon, divided nation, poor country, etc.
But North Korea is North Korea, 
and the true nature of South Korea is totally different. Simply saying,
you can judge it as a country that has the similar economic power as Japan.

You can pick Psy’s Gangnam Style, Samsung, LG, Hyundai Motor,
and many others as keywords for South Korea.
I hope you do not misunderstand Korea.
In addition, I hope you visit Korea.
If you are trying to visit Korea, please refer to the following website.
It is an official website by the Korea Tourism Organization for foreign tourists.


This website introduces the culture and travel information of Korea
in 13 languages, including Korean and English, of course,
and Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Turkish, etc.

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