Reactions from Abroad on Napoleon Chapeau

Reactions from Abroad on Napoleon Chapeau

Napoleon’s chapeau, the symbol of the Bonaparte family
(the French Royal family of Napoleon 1 and 3),
was auctioned off to a Korean at 1,884,000 euro.
The Korean man who successfully bid Napoleon’s chapeau
is an entrepreneur who runs a chicken restaurant.

The auction dealer expected the bid to be 500,000 euro, but
the chapeau was auctioned off at a much higher price at 1,884,000 euro.
The local press reported that it was the highest 
bidding price for a chapeau in history.      

The Korean entrepreneur who won the bid said that
“It is a collection that I have
always wanted to have without being concerned with the price
for me to develop my business with a mind to pioneer it further,”

It is said that there is a total of 120 Napoleon chapeaus and
only 19 are remained right now,
among which 17 of them are in museums and
only 2 have been allowed to be kept by regular people.
One of them was auctioned off by a Korean entrepreneur.
He said that he will display the chapeau in his business site in Korea,
and will allow regular people to see them soon.

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