Two Favorites to Win Super Star K6

Two Favorites to Win Super Star K6

“Super Star K” is Korea’s oldest music audition program.
Its 6th season, “Super Star K-6,” is already on the show with only
Top 5 out of 200 audition participants remaining right now.

There are 4 judges, and the rest is determined by phone / SMS
votes to determine the winner.
The Top 5 are all males, proving that a large number of
female viewers participate in the phone / SMS votes.

Super Star K-6, which recorded a viewing rate of over 10%,
fell all the way down to around 1% last year.
Now it has revived, with a viewing rate of over 5%.
In the center, two out of Top 5 are the favorites to win.
They are Kim Feel and Kwak Jin Un.

Kim Feel boasts a typical vocal who easily sings high-pitched tones, and
Kwak Jin Un sings in low voice to bring more catharsis than high notes do.
No matter who wins, it is certain that a new singer of a new genre will come out.
The songs of the winners of Super Star K have ranked number 1
on Korea’s music chart, at the same time as they win.

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