Zara Stops Selling the Rising Sun and Nazi Hakenkreuz

Zara Stops Selling the Rising Sun and Nazi Hakenkreuz

Two T-shirts in the picture below.
They are T-shirts that were actually sold on the official
U.S. webpage of ZARA, a global SPA fashion brand.
Due to an overwhelming number of strong complaints that
the left one reminds of the Rising Sun flag, the symbol of Japanese imperialism
and the right one reminds of Jews in Nazi concentration camps,
ZARA stopped selling the T-shirts.

They can be put aside as the printings of simple patterns and designs.
However, it is a painful, tragic, and hurtful history for some.
Even if your family and people around you are not directly related to the
massive atrocities and genocides by Japan and Germany in the past,
The Rising Sun flag, representing Japanese imperialism
and the Nazi’s Hakenkreuz must be well-recognized as the symbols of
“international genocide of WWII” and prohibited from being used.
ZARA stopped selling the T-shirts they believe to have problems.

Hakenkreuz, the symbol of Nazi, is nationally forbidden and is taboo in Germany.
However, Japan is still using the Rising Sun as the military flags of the
Ground Self-Defense Forces and the Maritime Self-Defenses Forces,
with a reckless remark by the Japanese Prime Minister:
“Other countries must not intervene in our great history.”
Japan’s behaviors without any remorse or repent of the past
is a mockery towards the victimized countries.

Among the victim countries, there are Korea, the 10th largest economy,
and “China,” which beat the U.S. and became number 1 economy in the world.