A Fictional Movie on North Korea, The Interview

A Fictional Movie on North Korea, The Interview

Recently, the movie “Interview” by Sony Pictures of the U.S. is popular.
It deals with the assassination of Kim Jong-eun, the Supreme Leader of North Korea.
With a doubt that North Korea has hacked Sony, a film producer,
and Obama who is directly promoting the movie,
the movie “Interview” has been ranked as the best movie online after
reaching over 2 million downloads and earning $15 million in revenue.

“Interview,” a fictional comedy movie, has actors and storyline
that are very similar storyline to “This is the End” released in 2013.

It has enough elements to be a box office hit,
since it is an American comedy movie and is about North Korea.
However, it feels a bit uncomfortable that an awareness that
Korea = North Korea is spreading as a South Korean citizen.

All stocks of Korea are said to be devalued more than 60% relatively.
Although Korea has a safer public order than the U.S., U.K., and France,
it has many disadvantages for being the only divided nation in the world
and involving North Korea.
It feels worrisome that this movie might expand the 
disadvantage of distorting South Korea’s image,
and that foreign media will perceive and spread only North Korea, 
without knowing South Korea properly.

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