A Sudden Increase of Gun Sales on Black Friday in the U.S.

A Sudden Increase of Gun Sales on Black Friday in the U.S.

As the purchase of guns increased on Black Friday,
the National Instant Criminal Background Check System that is used to
investigate a buyer’s criminal record was ‘overloaded.’
The average number of inquiries for criminal record investigation per day
at the NICS is 58,800.
But it had soaring hits with around 145,000 a day on Black Friday in 2013.

In Korea, less than 1% of the entire population owns guns.
If someone is shot dead, it is on the news.
Firearm accidents are on the news only once or twice in three years in Korea.
It has been analyzed that one person is shot to death per every 16 minutes in the U.S.
America is where police shoots other people with their guns
just because they are note white and still gets found innocent.

America is a country that highlights its strengths only.
The Statue of Liberty is merely like a statue in a neighborhood and the Niagara Falls
are much smaller than Iguassu Falls in South America but is much more famous.
America’s wide gap between the rich and the poor, firearm accidents,
political corruption, and racism are not known much.
America is merely a country that markets itself very well,
but is absolutely not a good country.
(However, only the negative aspects of Korea stand out to the world. That is too sad.)

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