Falkland Islands or Islas Malvinas?

Falkland Islands or Islas Malvinas?

There is an island. It is called the Falkland Islands or Islas Malvinas.
The distance between the Falkland Islands and Britain is 14,000 km.
It is only 500 km away from Argentina.
Argentina and Britain had a war for about 74 days in 1982.
Britain won, and took the control of the island.
As a result of the war, the name of the island became the Falkland Islands,
a British name, instead of Islas Malvinas, an Argentina name.

There is an island called between Korea and Japan.
The name of the island is “Dokdo.” It is Korean.
Korea and Japan did not have a war because of this island.
This is because is clearly a Korean territory.
Only Koreans live on . Japanese people cannot visit the island.
Korean soldiers defend the island.

However, Japanese people are doing a campaign to call this island .
Japanese politicians are trying to make as a national holiday.

By taking advantage of the international indifference,
will Japan able to take possession of “Dokdo,” 
a Korean territory, with only marketing and no war?
If Japan can include another country’s territory as its own by 
marketing only and no war,
Full Korea will insist that Tokyo is Korea’s and New York is 
North Koreas from today.

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