Falling America, Rising China and Korea

Falling America, Rising China and Korea

Market Watch posted an article titled “America is now No.2.”
According to the IMF, the U.S. economy is 17.4 trillion dollars, which falls behind China’s 17.6 trillion dollars.
Also, the U.S. takes 16.3% of the entire world economy,
which is second to China’s 16.5% in terms of purchasing power.

China is Korea’s closest country.
So far, America has been No.1 economic power in the world. But now, it is No.2.
Chinese people have preferred Korean products, Korean culture,
and Korean contents since a long time ago.
They all know Korea’s famous food, cosmetic products, and clothing brands.
Many Korean firms have advanced into China,
and their stock prices have gone up more than 2 times.

Now, America does not exist in Korean society.
Korea’s Samsung picked China’s Xiaomi, not Apple, as its competitor.
Black Friday is becoming popular,
but China’s Alibaba has already exceeded eBay and Amazon.
There are more people who speak Chinese than English.
Americans must learn Chinese as a requirement for America to grow.

Put down western culture, and learn eastern culture.
Put down forks and use chopsticks.