K-pop Star 4, an Interest of Asian Music Market

K-pop Star 4, an Interest of Asian Music Market

The Korean music market has gained huge popularity from overseas.
Many Korean songs are big hits in Japan, China, and Taiwan at the same time, 
and are very popular enough to break records of Japan and Taiwan (album sales,
highest number of concert audience, longest running number 1 on music charts, etc.).
Becoming a major musician in Korea is
very advantageous to be successful in the Asian market.
It is called "Korean Wave" by Asia,
which means Korean wind or wind blowing from Korea.

Thus, people from all over the world participate in Korea's music audition programs.
Current music audition programs to debut as a singer include
Super Star K and K-Pop Star.
Each season is aired once every year.
Super Star K ended its 6th season a while ago, with Kwak, Jin-un as the winner
and K-pop Star produced Bernard Park as its 3rd winner.
It is ranked No.1 on popular search word every episode,
and its 4th season is on-going right now.

Super Star K debuts its winners through the
broadcaster that planned and aired the program.
In contrast, K-Pop Star' is different as its winners are
recruited and managed directly
by Korea’s best music entertainment agencies (YG, JYP, and Antenna Music).
Most of the winners have entered the Asian music market.