Kim Jang-hoon, He is a Korean Singer.

Kim Jang-hoon, He is a Korean Singer

Korea is famous for K-Pop is famous.
Young men and women who mostly do sexy and intense dance
are spreading K-Pop, Korean music, throughout the world.
However, dance is not the only genre in Korean music.

I would like to introduce this singer to you
if you are interested in K-Pop, Korean music.
He is Kim, Jang-hoon.

He was born in 1967.
He is older than all dance groups that are in the center of Korea.
Also, he does not do dance music.
But why am I introducing singer Kim, Jang-hoon? 
Because he is a singer of Korea. 

Korea and Japan are facing political confrontations. 
Also, Kim is always there when Korea is having difficulties. 
He criticizes Japan's political problems instead of 
promoting his songs on TV news programs. 
Kim, Jang-hoon's total amount of donations for 20 years 
exceeded 20 million dollars (22 billion won). 

Korea's K-Pop is good, but I want you to know singer Kim, Jang-hoon.
He is a conscious Korean / and puts his words into practice.

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