Say hi, stay high on Green Friday

Say hi, stay high on Green Friday

Businesses in Colorado -
which legalized marijuana in January ―
has introduced "Green Friday," a promotional period to help people relax after Thanksgiving Day and the Black Friday shopping.

Online newspaper BuzzFeed reported that
marijuana stores in Denver and Boulder ― including "Grass Station,"
"Medicine Man" and "The Green Room" ― were offering door-buster deals.

The first 16 customers at the Grass Station from Friday to Sunday could buy an
ounce of marijuana for $50, while The Green Room lowered its price from $50 to $40.

Although the stores could not advertise the deals on billboards, TV or magazines because the advertisements must not be exposed to people under 21 in public,
Green Friday, according to BuzzFeed, was a roaring success.

Retailers said the event was "a much-needed stress relief from the holidays" straddling Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.
Organic Alternative sales and marketing director Maka Kala'I said the holiday season was "stressful, and some people might need a little relaxation afterward."

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