Sing Kim Jang-hoon, Politician ED Royce

Sing Kim Jang-hoon, Politician ED Royce

There is a singer named Kim, Jang-hoon in Korea.
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Whenever he earned money, he made donations, and the total
amount of donation exceeded 20 million dollars (about 22 billion won)
His donation went to many different things, but the largest amount
was used to correct Japan’s distortions of history.

Japan’s distortions of history are divided into 3.
1. Arguing that “Dokdo” belongs to Japan since 20 years ago
even though it has been Korea’s territory for thousands of years.

2. Denying the historical record that Japan forced Korean and
Chinese women into sex slavery during its colonial rule.

3. Using the “Rising Sun Flag” in Japan’s current national events
although it has the same connotation as the Nazi’s Hakenkreuz.

Singer Kim, Jang-hoon said that letting the whole world know the official
announcement of Edward Randall Royce (=ED Royce), a Republican representative,
would be more rewarding than promoting his new song on a public TV interview.

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Singer Kim, Jang-hoon has been donating most of his property that
he has accumulated for more than 20 years of his singing career to
correcting Japan’s distortions of Korean history.
He wants you living in far countries to know “Japan’s historical distortions” a little.

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