Germany and Japan's Similar History, Different Historical Awareness

Germany and Japan's Similar History, Different Historical Awareness

Below is the content that appeared on 'SBS 8 o'clock news,'
a Korean public broadcasting news by Seoul Broadcasting System
that is aired during the time that has the highest viewer rate in a day.

"Do you know of Auschwitz Concentration Camp?
It is a massive genocide camp by Germany's Nazi administration.
On Jaunary 28, 2015, the 70th anniversary of liberation from
Auschwitz Concentration Camp,
German Prime Minister Angela Merkel bowed down again to apologize this year.
Germany is very different from Korea's neighboring country Japan that
keeps trying to erase its past history instead of apology and repent.

German Prime Minister Merkel bowed her head down this year, saying that
"Remembering the Nazi's brutality is
all German people's everlasting responsibility forever."
It is the regret on the past history that has been continuing for 46 years since
Prime Minister Willy Brandt dropped his knees in front of the Jews' memorial in 1970.

The German government is much contrasted to Japan's Abe administration
that is taking the lead in erasing the history, let alone any regrets.
Prime Minister Abe does not bow his head down for massacred
Korean and Chinese people.
He bows his head every year in front of the graves of Japanese troops

who participated in the mass slaughter.