Japan Makes Crisis Itself Without Knowing the History of Asia

Japan Makes Crisis Itself Without Knowing the History of Asia

Japan is currently facing territorial disputes with Korea, China, and Russia.

Japan is having conflicts over the Senkaku Islands
(尖閣 / Diaoyudao Islands / Diaoyutai Islands) with China,
Kuril Islands with Russia, and Dok-do with Korea.
It is arguing that all of these belong to Japan.
Of course, each of them belongs to China, Russia, and Korea.
Japan argues that they all belong to itself without any evidence
just because they are close to Japan.

Japan is an island country.
Thus, it is surrounded by sea.
It is arguing that all small islands in the sea belong to Japan.
There is a clear historical evidence that they are the
territories of China, Russia, and Korea,
but Japan is putting efforts to
persuade western countries (U.S., France, and U.K.) that
these islands belong to Japan, call them Japanese names, and
make the Japanese names to be official names.

If Japan is beside your country,
the territory of your country can be written in Japanese name
in the international society.
Japan believes that "if it keeps spending a huge amount of money on marketing
and spreading the false information, it will be able to get around and
increase an awareness in the international society that
Aren’t they Japanese from the beginning because they are named Japanese?”.
People should know and criticize Japan’s dangerous policy.

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