Korea and Japan’s Territorial Dispute

Korea and Japan’s Territorial Dispute

Korea and Japan have a sea between them.
The name of the sea is East Sea.
It means that it is located on the east of Korea.
The name has always been East Sea 
since when humans have started using languages.
It is because the sea belongs to Korea.

However, from about 50 years ago,
Japan has been calling it the Sea of Japan,
and has officially been writing it as the Sea of Japan even on textbooks.
Since about 50 years ago.
Will the name of the sea truly become the Sea of Japan in 50 years
due to the efforts by the Japanese government?

Please don’t be surprise. It really is. For sure. It is not a comedy.
Google, IKEA, and many other global corporations
have written East Sea mixed with the Sea of Japan.

The picture above is a Google Map.
Can you agree with me that the real name of that sea is East Sea?

Please blame on the Korean government whose stance is merely
“It is not worth responding” to Japan’s stubborn comedy.
Also, please criticize the official claim of the Japanese government that
is stubbornly showing a comedy.
Please know the mistakes by global firms such as Google and IKEA.