Korean Air Shows Korean Society with Many Parvenu Riches

Korean Air Shows Korean Society with Many Parvenu Riches

Korean Air, the most popular airline company in Korea.
When the daughter of the CEO of Korean Air
was about to fly back to Korea on Korean Air,
just because she was served Mauna Loa nuts
in a bag not on a plate for inflight service,
made a stewardess and the senior flight attendant dropped their knees.
She also created a disturbance on the plane,
and made the airplane that had already set off
return to the gate and forced the senior flight attendant to leave.
This is called “Nut Return” incident.

Due to this incident, the plane had to taka a U-turn and,
and its departure delayed for 15 minutes.
According to the inflight service manual, nuts were supposed to be served in bags.
The daughter of Korean Air’s CEO apologized.
However, when a recording file that “it will be forgotten in a month” was revealed,
the Korean society was shocked again as
people realized that the apology was just for media.
The senior flight attendant said every truth about this incident,
but the stewardess was already bribed by Korean Air and followed its instruction that
“We will appoint you to a professor position,
so speak as you are told by the company.
The stewardess was tempted by the professor position and told a lie to mass media.

Korean Air represents Korea.
However, it showed a dark side of Korean society that has many parvenu riches,
who have become wealthy without efforts thanks to their rich parents.

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