Korea’s Cigarettes are $4. Let’s Quit Smoking

Korea’s Cigarettes are $4. Let’s Quit Smoking.

The price of Korea’s cigarettes per package was about $2.2 on average until December 31, 2014.
The smoking rate of Korean men had been 40% so far.
However, the average price of cigarettes per package 
has risen up to $4 since January 1st, 2015.
It is a government policy to increase tax and reduce smoking rate.
Of course, many European countries such as the
U.K., France, Germany, and Netherlands already charge $8 to 9 per
cigarette package. It is almost $15 in Ireland.

The countries that have cheaper cigarette price are mostly
Southeast Asian countries, some Latin American countries, and India.
However, Korea’s cigarette has become more expensive than Japan and Poland
from 2015, and is now similar to Spain and the U.S.

Let’s all quit smoking in the new year in 2015.
If you have started smoking at a high-spirited age,
Let’s quit smoking as a cleverer and wiser person.
Smoking does not remind of James Dean anymore.
Tobacco is merely “a popular product of humans who are still insane.”