New York’s Subway Should Learn from Korea

New York’s Subway Should Learn from Korea

New York’s subway system was built in 1904, which is 100 years ago.
Dirty smell, poor sanitary conditions, and no WiFi in any subway
as if it is looking down on the penetration rate of smart phones.
It is weird that New York is even making it as a tourist product.

The floor of New York’s subway is full of garbage.
It shows that it a hot bed of New York citizens.

Please keep in mind that subway is a public transportation system.
People’s lives depend on it, which is an industry that offers people’s time.
Try searching Korea’s subway system.
It shows the culture and facility of an advanced country’s public transportation
A subway system that is clean and in which people are considerate for others
cannot be found in New York.

Accurate arrival time, transferring with credit cards and transportation cards,
uncrowded and unblocked transfer areas, clean facilities,
automatic electric door that is installed on every single platform
to prevent people from falling down to rails, wifi support, etc.
Korea’s subway system is making fun of New York.

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