Small and Strong Korea, Close and Huge China

Small and Strong Korea, Close and Huge China

Korean peninsula is divided into South Korea:
the 10th largest economy in the world that owns Samsung, LG,
Hyundai Motor, and Psy’s Gangnam Style, and
North Korea, that is notorious for Kim, Jung-eun, nuclear tests, and communism.
Korea is the only divided country in the world,
and the South and North are very different.
South Korea’s level of education, IT, and standard of living are number 1 in the world.
But news about North Korea is probably introduced more frequently in your country.

Korea is surrounded by its three sides on its east, west,
and south. It meets China to the north.
China’s economy is the 1st strongest in the world.
It is richer than the U.S., U.K., and France.
The growth rate of China’s economy is 7.4% ~ 9.6% every year.

Chinese people like Korean products.
Especially, Korean cosmetic products, electronic appliances, clothes,
and entertainment (songs, dramas, movies) are very popular in Korea.
Thanks to this, related-stocks have increased by more than 200%.
Just because Korea is closely located to China,
it has been projected that Korea’s
economic level will leap to no. 5 in the world by 2020.

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