Unification is Dae-bak, Invest in Korea

Unification is Dae-bak, Invest in Korea

As the movie "The Internet" is drawing international popularity,
attention toward North Korea is being spread throughout the world.
It is true that all foreign media has been focusing on reporting
about North Korea that gives more provoking news
However, foreign media are recently paying attention to South Korea,
which has Samsung, Psy's Gangnam Style, LG Electronics,Hyundai Motor,
and many other global firms, as well as the 10th largest economy in the world.

It is because if North and South Korea reunite and become one Korea
that is not divided into North or South,
its economic size will grow  to be the 7th in the world after
China, U.S., India, Brazil, Japan, and Russia.
Also, it has been confirmed that South Korea's global brands will raise
South Korea's underrated stock market at 35% to higher than the right track.
This will be made possible since Korea's most advanced technology in the world
will absorb North Korea's labor force, which is cheaper than that of China.
(In fact, the stock price of LG Electronics is around $59.
If Korea is reunified tomorrow, this stock will become $180.)

Even the South Korean president
Park, Geun-hye said strongly by using the word "dae-bak.'
"Everyone, unification is dae-bak."

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