America is also Angry about Japan’s Historical Distortion

America is also Angry about Japan’s Historical Distortion

Japan’s Yomiuri newspaper conducted a survey to
Japanese citizens for two days from February 6th and 7th, 2015.
The result showed a public opinion that 44% of Japanese citizens believe
“Japan must apologize for the fact that it colonized Korea,
exploited Korean women for sex slavery,
and mass murdered innocent Korean people without reasons in the past.”
Japanese people admitted that their past is no different from that of the Nazis.

And the image above is a scene in SBS, Korea’s major public broadcasting.
It shows that American Historical Association sharply criticized
Japan’s historical distortion and signed a group petition.

Just because Prime Minister Abe and 
some conservative Japanese politicians distort the past history
that everyone throughout the world already knows does not mean that 
it will change anything.
I hope you also know Japan’s brutal past and present political comedy that
Japanese citizens and the scholars of American Historical Association know.

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