America Shows Interest in Rain’s Advance Into China

America Shows Interest in Rain’s Advance Into China

A movie called Ninja Assassin was released worldwide in 2009.
The main character of this movie is Rain, who is Korean.
The Wachowskis are the directors of the movie Matrix and the
producers of Ninja Assassin,
They decided to cast Rain as the lead role of the movie and
distributed it throughout the world.

A few years later in 2015,
Not only the Chinese press but also the American media are showing interest in
Rain’s debut as a main character in a Chinese drama.

On February 2nd (local time),
Hollywood Reporter focused on Rain’s change by comparing
Rain’s roles in this drama and in a popular drama ‘Full House,’ with a title saying
‘Korean actor Rain is making his debut in a TV drama in China.’

Since long ago, China has been Korean stars’ main stage.
Also, their advancement into the U.S. is also common news.
While Korean stars’ advance into China probably didn’t news in the U.S. in the past,
America’s entertainment magazine now covers Korean stars advancing into China
to go along the flow of the world economy.

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