American Soldiers Continuously Hurt their Image in Korea

American Soldiers Continuously Hurt their Image in Korea

Korea has four automobile companies
that include Hyundai, Kia, Samsung, and Ssangyong,
and is especially home to Hyundai Kia Motor,
one of the top 5 automobile companies in the world.
Cars that are more than 10 years old are generally exported to overseas
or are preferred by American soldiers living in Korea.

An American soldier who drunk and
drove a 15-year-old used car was arrested this time.
There have been 3 incidents of U.S. soldiers
causing troubles with cars reported on news.
Robbery, theft, violence, and numerous other
criminal incidents are too common in Korean society.

American soldiers residing in Korea.
They probably came from far to this country as they could not settle down in the U.S.,
They are so ignorant that they cannot speak a word of
Korean even after being here for a few years.
Poor American soldiers keep committing crimes. Despite all these,
it is very pitiful to see them talking loudly just because they are white-skinned.

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