Lee Seung Woo, Real Madrid or FC Barcelona

Lee Seung Woo, Real Madrid or FC Barcelona

Marca magazine in Spain made the scouting of Lee Seung Woo,
a rising soccer star in Korea, into Real Madrid as its front-page story.
However, Lee Seung Woo is currently playing in FC Barcelona Juvenil "A"

Futbol Club Barcelona Juvenil "A" are the under-19 team of
Catalan professional football club FC Barcelona.
They play in the Group III of the División de Honor Juvenil de Fútbol and
UEFA Youth League.
They also participate in the Copa de Campeones Juvenil de Fútbol.

The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) took
severe disciplinary action on Barcelona that violated the rule that
prohibits the overseas transfer of younger than 18-year-old soccer players.
Due to this disciplinary action,
Lee Seung Woo has not been able to play in official games.

It is said that Real Madrid offered a condition that it can solve the disciplinary action to
Lee Seung Woo, who was suspended to play in soccer games for a year by the FIFA.

Lee Seung Woo right now has a record that is very similar to the record
Messi set while he was playing in Juvenil "A" before he became an adult.
Lee Seung Woo is being mentioned as a new replacement of Messi.
Korea is preparing to present strikers who will represent Spain Liga BBVA.