Rapid Increase of Israelite Visitors to Full Korea

Rapid Increase of Israelite Visitors to Full Korea

Lately, the international interest toward IS is very high.
The brutal terrorist acts of the IS (Islamic State,
name of the extreme terrorist group in Islam) is too horrific.
It recently murdered a Japanese reporter, and there was a news that
a young Korean boy went missing to join the IS.

Since January 2010, Full Korea has been delivering news on Korea for
English-speaking countries. About 4,000 foreigners a week visit the blog,
which had the highest number of visitors from Israel this week.
It is probably because of the above reasons.

2,500 people from the U.S., 500 from France, 2,000 from other countries,
And about 150 people from Korea a week visited the blog in general.
However, 2,000 people from Israel and 500 from the U.S. visited Full Korea.
Is it because there is higher interest toward Korea in Israel?

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