The Japanese Prime Minister’s Name is Abe, not Hitler

The Japanese Prime Minister’s name is Abe Shinzo. He was the Prime Minister of Japan from 2006 to 2007, and has also been the current Prime Minister of Japan since 2012.

Japan is probably one of the most conservative in the world with very high self-pride in itself. In order to become the Prime Minister through votes and maintain the position, the Prime Minister of Japan should continue his conservative and nationalistic political activities.

One affected country of such political activities is Korea. Japan colonized Korea for about 35 years from 1910 to 1945. Korea’s independence from Japan was merely 70 years ago.

During that period, thousands of young Korean men were killed by the Japanese, and numerous teenaged Korean girls became Japanese soldiers’ sex slaves. However, Prime Minister Abe of Japan is denying these facts. He expresses a completely different stance 
from that of Germany’s Prime Minister Merkel, who regrets and apologizes for Nazi war criminals’ atrocities and cruelty.  

Not all Japanese are infamous and heinous like Abe. Only some very conservative Japanese politicians and old Japanese think like him. Even the Japanese society satirizes Abe as Hitler.