Crazy Japan’s Historical Distortion

Crazy Japan’s Historical Distortion

Japan invaded and colonized China and Korea in the past.
During that time, it forced Korean and Chinese women into sexual slavery, but
the Japanese government is not showing any remorse for
it and is rather trying to erase the history.
Japan even revealed its stance that Comfort Women (sexual slavery)
the Japanese military carried out while occupying Korea (1910 ~ 1945)
is common in any wartime,
so that it does not need to apologize for it.

Japan is insane.
When Germany’s Prime Minister Merkel visited Japan,
she directly sent a message to Japan’s Prime Minister Abe to “repent history.”

Professor Alexis Dudden from the Department of History
in the University of Connecticut in the U.S. said that
“I will not comply to Japanese extreme right wing’s request to modify history.”

A textbook published by McGraw-hill Education, a global publishing company,
mentions Japan’s comfort women 8 times.
The Japanese government officially requested to modify it,
but McGraw-hill Education clarified its position that
“We are not changing it because it is a clear fact in history.”

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