Korea’s Influence on Japan

Korea’s Influence on Japan

It is now common that Korea’s contents and
celebrities are ranked top 1 and 2 on
Japan’s music program, movies, and dramas.
“Korean Wave,” referred to
“Korean Culture,” has been being continued for over 15 years in Japan.

However, Korea brought tremendous cultural influence to Japan
even during the history before the Korean Wave.
A person named “James Held” posted a thread on Wikipedia.
The content is as follows.


However, Mr. James Held sent Full Korea an e-mail saying “Help me.”
The email is read as follows.


Hi, I've been following your blog at http://www.fullkorea.com
for some time and enjoy reading it.
I think you appreciate the problems that are caused by
Japanese propaganda against Korea,
and so, what I'm actually emailing you to discuss is a matter on Wikipedia.
A long time ago I edited an article on Wikipedia called Korean
influence on Japanese culture
but pro-Japanese editors have repeatedly tried to delete or blank the article.

I want to rewrite the article eventually,
but I need someone with an established Wikipedia account to help me
privately and prevent other people from deleting it.
Will you create a Wikipedia account
which will help me later to maintain the article? If you have a Paypal account,
I'm willing to pay you for your work.
If you aren't able to help me, can you at least connect me to someone
who can help me with this important project?


Why is Japan trying to erase this post?
Why did James Held call the people trying to erase it
"pro-Japanese editors"?
Full Korea will make its best effort to let everyone all over the
world be aware of this fact.

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