Samsung Launches Galaxy 6

Samsung Launches Galaxy 6

The most popular smartphone that
everyone in the world enjoys using the most is Samsung Galaxy.
While Apple’s market share does not exceed 30%,
Android phones, and Samsung Galaxy among them, occupy the market more than 50%.

Most writing staff of Full Korea use 1 iPhone and 1 Samsung Galaxy.
iPhone was fresh and interesting in the beginning.
However, its built-in battery, time need to learn how to use iTunes, complicated use, and folders that do not appear at once when iPhone is connect to PC
through a USB cable are very inconvenient.
In one word, because of having to do countless updates and other inconveniences,
most of the writing staff use Samsung products.

The Korean company is achieving victories many times against the American company.
Furthermore, Korea is absorbing the geographical advantage of being close to China.
Korea’s globalization is slower than China but faster than the U.S.
Samsung Galaxy 6 held an official opening event in India and Chile today..

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