What Abe Administration’s “Dokdo Distortion Project” Targets is You!

What Abe Administration’s “Dokdo Distortion Project” Targets is You!

The name of Japan’s Prime Minister is Shinzo Abe.
There is a small island between Korea and Japan.
Its name is “Dokdo.”
It is Korean territory and only Korean citizens live there,
guarded by the Korean military..
However, since a while ago,
the Japanese government has started arguing that
“Dokdo” is Japanese territory, through marketing.
It is so called Abe administration’s "Dokdo Distortion Project".

The fact that the Japanese government has activated the “Dokdo Distortion Project”
has been confirmed by KBS, Korea’s biggest public broadcasting company,
and was aired multiple times on a Korean news channel
that is the most frequently watched by Koreans.
KBS acquired a report called
“How to Strengthen the Strategic Promotion of Dokdo Issue”
by the Japanese government,
which suggests to promote Dokdo intensively to the
citizens of third world countries first.
To the citizens of third world countries who do not know the owner of Dokdo,
the report urges to publicize that “Dokdo” originally belongs to Japan
but Korea is illegally occupying the territory with military force,
and that Japan hopes to reach a peaceful settlement.

The citizen of a third world country is you.
If you think that Dokdo is Japanese territory and not Korean,
it is having the same ignorance as believing that
Paris belongs to Britain and Rome belongs to Russia.

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