AIIB , China is the Center of World Economy

AIIB , China is the Center of World Economy

Founded and led by China, AIIB (Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank)
is a financial institution that aims to build infrastructure in developing countries in Asia.
For the recruitment for first member countries,
50 countries in the world submitted their applications.

Not only the 12 European countries such as Britain, France, Germany, and Italy,
but also 13 countries from G-20 applied for their membership,
and most countries excluding the U.S., Japan, and Canada
became the first founding member states of AIIB.

It is weird that the U.S. and Japan are not included.
Is it because their pride did not allow them to join the international
economic and financial institution established and led by China?
The president of Boston Consulting Group stated that
“It is reasonable that China, which has a huge international economic power,
plays a bigger role in an international financial institution.”