Japan Must Apologize Truly to Korea

Japan Must Apologize Truly to Korea

Prime Minister Shinjo Abe of Japan is currently visiting the U.S.
U.S. senator Charles Rangel has urged to Prime Minister Abe that
right now is the time for Japan to apologize to the victims of Japanese military slaves,

Senator Rangel wrote a contribution on USA today on April 27th that
“Abe should not only emphasize the strengthening of
U.S.-Japan bilateral relations but also
carry out justice for women who suffered from incurable damage
and wounds before 1945.”
Hilary Clinton also said that “It will be very meaningful if Japan’s Prime Minister Abe acknowledges the sufferings and pain of military comfort women
who were called forced sex slaves.”

Japan forced numerous women into military sex slaves when it invaded
Korea, China, and many other Asian countries.
Regarding this past, however, Japan keeps giving blatant argument that
“We’ve apologize enough, so let’s stop talking about it.”
Why is Japan refraining from apologizing for its wrongdoings and atrocity in the past?
Japan is currently living a crueler present than the Nazis.

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