Japanese Textbooks Say Toronto Belongs to the U.S.

Japanese Textbooks Say Toronto Belongs to the U.S.

On April 6, 2015, which is only a few days ago,
Dokdo, a Korean island, was suddenly introduced as a Japanese territory
on a Japanese elementary school textbook.
In addition, a Japanese middle school textbook stated that
‘Dokdo is Japan’s own territory, but it is being occupied illegally by Korea.”
Why would textbooks do that all of a sudden?
I really wonder. It is indeed preposterous, but it did happen in real.

It is like this, for example.
Toronto is close to the U.S., but it is definitely a Canadian territory.
Just because it is close does not make it belong to another country
or the country of its ownership does not change. This is a very obvious fact.

However, there is a country that does not follow this common sense. That is Japan.
Japan has named and called Dokdo, a Korean territory, Takeshima,
claiming that it belongs to Japan.
It also puts Dokdo as a Japanese territory on its own textbooks.
This is so insane.

What if I believe that Toronto is a U.S. territory?
Right now, Japan wants you to believe Dokdo is a Japanese territory.

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