Official Comedy Made by the Japanese Government

Official Comedy Made by the Japanese Government

There is a “Japanese map” made and presented in 1897 by
The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF), and
The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry under the Japanese government.
According to the map, there are two islands between Korea and Japan,
whose names are Ulleungdo and Dokdo, and were officially announced
by the Japanese government that both of these island belong to Korea.

Without the Japanese government’s clear stance or anyone claiming,
Dokdo has been a Korean territory since a very long time ago.
Of course, it is inhabited by Koreans, protected by the Korean government,
and guarded by the Korean military.

However, all of a sudden,
Dokdo is said to belong to Japan.
Japan started making up a story that the owner of the island is originally Japan,
but it is illegally occupied by Korea.

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