U.S. Suffers Maruta Experiment by the Japanese Military

U.S. Suffers Maruta Experiment by the Japanese Military

An American combat plane, B29, made an emergency landing on Kyushu, Japan in 1945.
There were 8 pilots in the plane.
Unit 731 took these Americans to Kyushu University,
a national research university in Kyushu in Fukuoka-ken, Japan.
The Japanese took their lungs out alive put seawater into their blood, which killed them.
These were all done for experiments.
The pilot at the time could have been your grandfather.
The victims of such cruel and violent medical experiment on living bodies by
Unit 731 of Japan were calld Maruta.
‘Maruta’ means log in Japanese.

The current prime minister of Japan as of 2015 is Abe.
Believe it or not, the picture below is not a composite paragraph.
He is riding on a plane of Unit 731 and is raising his thumb.

Korea also suffered from gruesome and horrible insults and humiliation by the Japanese military, including Maruta, sexual slavery, and cultural exploitation.
However, Japan is denying this history. It claims that it has never done so.
Isn’t Abe blatantly mocking Americans and
Koreans through such absurd remark and behaviors?
Doesn’t he need to remorse indeed?