Avengers 2 is Boring

Avengers 2 is Boring

I watched Avengers 2, also called ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron, 2015’
I will come straight to the point. It is a very boring, American computer graphic movie.
It did not have any story. No heart-warming line, and no overwhelming scale at all.
Also, American jokes that break the flow of the movie were too much.
This is of course the same for Transformer series.

Avengers 2 filmed some of its scenes in Seoul, the capital city of Korea.
Last year, Seoul blocked some roads and controlled the traffic for the movie filming.
It also applied the existing Korean policy of refunding
30% of the movie production cost.
MARVEL not only reduced its production cost and also gained
the promotion effect in the world’s 3rd largest movie market.

When the movie just came out,
all main actors of the Avengers visited Korea and had a showcase.
Entertainment broadcast programs also covered this event heavily.
Avengers 2, which started as a “famous movie,”
is however facing cold reaction in the Korean market.

Avengers 2 is a boring, common movie.
If Avengers 3 comes out, I will just watch it on DVD at home.

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