Google Campus Established in Korea

Google Campus Established in Korea

Google Campus was established in Korea, the 3rd in the world and 1st time in Asia.
Except the Google Campus in the U.S., it is the 3rd Google venture center
preceded by London, U.K. and Tel Aviv, Israel.
The south of Seoul is called “Gangnam,” and it is that Gangnam from
“Gangnam Style,” which you are very familiar with.
The size of “Google Campus Seoul” is 2,000㎡ in Gangnam, Seoul.

The discussion on founding "Google Campus Seoul” was started in April 2013
when President Park, Geun-hye and Larry Page, the CEO of Google, met.

Korea has the fastest internet in the world.
It is home to Samsung, LG, Hyundai, and Kia Motor.
In other words, one of your cell phone, lap top, computer, TV, and car is made by a Korean company.
As you know Psy’s Gangnam Style, Korea is a cultural powerhouse.
It is close to China. China trusts Korea.
Chinese people’s favorite products, movies, and music are all Korean.