Hyundai Motors Makes Alabama of Today

Hyundai Motors Makes Alabama of Today

May 2015 is the 10th year anniversary of the establishment of
South Korean automobile brand Hyundai Motor’s production factory
in the State of Alabama, which is in the southern part of the U.S.
The 10th year anniversary ceremonial dinner of Hyundai Motor’s
settlement in Alabama was held in Renaissance Montgomery Hotel in Alabama.

Bentley, the Governor of Alabama, said that
“Although Alabama is currently one of the best automobile manufacturing regions
in the entire nation,
its automobile industry was still in its infancy when
Hyundai Motors just entered our state 10 years ago.”
He also added that “South Korea’s global brand Hyundai provided a high-tech facility 
in Alabama, and enhanced the residents’ living standard and class of Alabama.”

Thanks to Alabama’s unconditional love toward Hyundai,
the proposed site for Hyundai Motor’s second U.S. factory
has also been narrowed down to be built in Alabama.
The State of Alabama has offered the best conditions to Hyundai Motors.

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