Japan Designates a Crime Site as a UNESCO Heritage?

Japan Designates a Crime Site as a UNESCO Heritage?

Do you know of Auschwitz Concentration Camp?
It is a Jews concentration camp and genocide camp by the Nazi during WWII.
Germany designated this Auschwitz concentration camp as a UNESCO site.

UNESCO homepage explained that
"Auschwitz concentration camp is the site of Jewish genocide and
clear evidence of a felonious, atrocious crime on humanity by the Nazi,"
as a reason for designating the camp as a UNESCO world heritage.

In Japan, there is also a crime site that is as brutal as Auschwitz Concentration Camp.
Industrial facilities where Koreans were forced into labor exploitation,
massacre, and sexual slavery are still preserved in Japan.
Japan claimed to designate the site as a UNESCO world heritage,
as "cultural remains of Japan's industrialization," not as "reflection on the past."

I want to ask Japanese people.
UNESCO registration that the Japanese government is pursuing..
Is it really a proof of industrialization?
Why can't Japan repent of its past like Germany?

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