Japan is Capable of Changing the Past

Japan is Capable of Changing the Past

One cannot change the past.
But there are some people who are trying to.
They are the bureaucrats of the Japanese government.

Japan colonized Korea from 1910 to 1945.
At that time, Japanese soldiers forced Korean girls into sexual slavery.
Even Japan’s Prime Minister Abe is well-aware of this fact, 
but does not apologize about it.
Some Japanese politicians also do not admit this fact at all either.
Also, they pressured publishers to modify the content on
sex slaves by Japanese soldiers in U.S. high school textbooks.

McGraw-Hill, an American textbook publisher, said that
“The representatives of the Japanese government asked us to change the
description about sexual slavery committed by Japanese military.
However, scholars’ stance on the historical fact of sexual slavery does not change.”
Before, 19 scholars of American Historical Association 
also issued a statement and criticized that 
“We cannot repress our astonishment at Japan’s attempt to distort history.”

There are way too many conservative people living in Japan.
Their political position will become unstable if they admit the past,
and thus they cannot turn the past because of their country’s political orientation.

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