Japanese Prime Minister Abe’s Misdeed in the U.S.

Japanese Prime Minister Abe’s Misdeed in the U.S.

Japan’s Prime Minister Abe (あべしんぞう, 安倍晋三) is currently touring the U.S.
During his tour, he visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.
Koreans are holding a protest in front of the
U.S. Congress, demanding Abe to “apologize for the past.”
During the Second World War, Japan forced many Korean women into
sexual slavery for the Japanese military.
Japan says that such historical record is heartbreaking,
but never uses the word “We apologize” in any case.
Sometimes, Japan makes a thoughtless remark that
“Doesn’t everyone do that during wartimes?”

U.S. Congress media the Hill, AP, Reuter’s News Agency,
Wall Street Journal, and U.K.’s BBC also directly mentioned that
“Japan has still not apologized properly for its atrocities and sex slavery during the war.”

It is unimaginable that Prime Minister Merkel
of Germany rides a plane with the Nazi mark on.
However, it is possible in Japan.
Unit 731 is a name of a very notorious Japanese military that carried out
medical experiments on living human body as maruta.
Abe is the one who rode Unit 731’s plane and lifted his thumb up.

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