Japan’s Prime Minister Abe Gets Embarrassed in Harvard

Japan’s Prime Minister Abe Gets Embarrassed in Harvard

In April 2015,
Japan’s Prime Minister Abe visited the U.S.
During his tour in the U.S., he delivered a speech in Harvard,
one of the most prestigious universities in the world.
In a free discussion time, a Korean-American student threw him the following question.
"There are solid proofs showing that the Japanese government and
military were directly involved in the Comfort Women system.
In the face of all these facts, do you still deny the Japanese government’s
explicit involvement in the subjugation of hundreds of thousands of
women in the coerced sexual slavery?”

To this, Prime Minister Abe answered that
"My heart aches when I think about the victims of human trafficking 
who had indescribable sufferings.”
A vague response. It is hard to tell who did the human trafficking just with that answer,
and it is so doubtful why he never says he apologizes..
Also, the term sexual slavery, which Japanese soldiers did to satisfy
their sexual desire, is more appropriate than human trafficking.

Japan never apologizes for its past.
It is completely different from Germany.
Abe raised antipathy by entering from the backdoor to avoid
demonstrators who demanded Japan’s regret for the past.
Why does Japan have no regret???? Japanese politics is very ironic.

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