“No Shampoo” Campaign Worldwide

“No Shampoo” Campaign Worldwide

Shampoos we generally contain surfactant.
With the advent of shampoo came “scalp trouble.”
New industries such as hair loss center and
scalp care program were born to prevent scalp trouble.
This is all because of sodium laureth sulfate (SLS),
a bad ingredient inside shampoo.

That is, we use shampoo to improve our scalp and hair,
but shampoo contains SLS, which damages a person’s scalp and hair.
What neglecting this terrible fact are the “firms selling shampoo.”

Shampoo is bad for scalp and hair, but they advertise
for us to use shampoo for scalp and hair.
It’s so ironic.

This scene shows a pregnant woman choosing shampoo.
A movement for not using shampoo is popular in Korea and throughout the world.
In “if you are too picky about everything, you can’t do anything” attitude,
Consumers purchased scalp trouble by
paying their own money to put toxic SLS on their hair.
Are they clever enough to exceed “shampoo companies’ marketing”?