SNL Korea Satirizes Korean Society

SNL Korea Satirizes Korean Society

SNL, a famous comedy show in the world,
is currently being aired through a cable channel in Korea.
Among its episodes, the GTA parody drew popularity,
and its parody of Sims game
also arouse empathy from many people.

Youths in Korea have a great ambition and strive hard to achieve it,
but they have to live an "ordinary" life as a salaryman,
or even cannot become a salaryman and still have to live off their parents.
The parody made a comedy of the joys and sorrows of the youths
in this intense employment competition in Korea.

Sims parody shown on SNL Korea.

Korean society is very harsh on its young adults.
One of the bestselling books was titled "It's Painful, That's Youth."
Why does Korean society consider pain is normal for youths?

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