BIGBANG 2015 World Tour

BIGBANG 2015 World Tour

Korea’s music and dramas are very popular in China,
the world’s largest consumer of culture contents,
and many other countries in Southeast Asia.
A Korean group called “Super Junior” was ranked No.1
for 100 consecutive weeks on a Taiwanese chart.
For about 2 years, a Korean boy band won No.1 on Taiwan’s music chart.

Another big boy band that can rival Super Junior is of course “Big Bang.”
Big Bang successfully completed its concert in Guangzhou, China,
the first overseas tour concert of ‘BIGBANG 2015 WORLD TOUR ‘MADE’.’
The Guangzhou concert was held twice, and drew a total of 24,000 audiences.

Starting from the concert in Guangzhou, China, Big Bang will hold concerts in
Beijing, Hong Kong, Thailand, U.S., and Canada.
By having concerts even in North America
where its popularity is recently growing the hottest,
Big Bang is planned to meet 1.4 million audiences from all over the world
through 70 concerts in 15 countries.

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