Korea’s Corrupt Politics is Revealed in MERS Fear

Korea’s Corrupt Politics is Revealed in MERS Fear

Korea is a country with a very high political corruption.
Its corruption index is ranked 27th among 34 OECD countries,
which is almost the lowest. Through this MERS virus situation,
Korean government showed its corrupt politics throughout the world again,
disappointing everyone.

Due to the Korean government’s wrong epidemic prevention activity,
the number of infectees that could stop at only 3 to 4 people,
led to 2,500 isolates and the closure of about
2,000 kindergartens and schools in the whole country.

Regarding this tremendous disaster, Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare
announced that people don’t need to wear masks and MERS is not infected by air.
However, the Minister of Health and Welfare wore such tight mask the next day.

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